DIY (no sew!) Greek Key Trim Pillow Covers

I don't always jump on home decor trends, but one popular look that I absolutely LOVE is Greek key trim. It is classic, elegant, and pairs well with other prints. I wanted to bring a little Greek key trim to our living room, but I didn't want to pay the high price tag of the pillow covers I found! I was happy to find beautiful, high quality Greek key trim at Hobby Lobby for $5/yard (with coupon). Yay!! I made my own DIY (no sew!) Greek key trimmed pillow covers and I am thrilled with how they turned out!

You can make one for your home too! I promise if I can do it so can you ;)
Step One: Select your pillow cover and Greek key trim in a color you love (I used the back of a Pottery Barn linen pillow cover that I already had). The Greek key trim that I used is from Hobby Lobby.

Materials needed:
pillow cover of your choice
sewing pins

Step Two: Decide how far in you would like the trim to be. The trim I used is approximately 2 inches from the seam.

Step Three: I chose to cut the edges into an angle. To achieve this look, simply overlap the two pieces of trim, and cut a straight line from corner to corner. The pencil line shows the line that I cut:

Step Four: Lightly swipe a flame across the edge of the trim to prevent the ends from fraying.

Step Five: Measure exactly where you want the trim, and use straight pins to secure in place. Then use fabric glue to glue the trim in place.

Here is the finished result! :)

Do you like the Greek key trend? Would you try making your own? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. Absolutely love the Greek key trend! I do not see but I think I could actually do this!! Love the fabric you found at Hobby Lobby...looks fabulous with your other pillows!! Great job!

  2. Nice Home love your decorating skill Grab tricks