Reflections on Motherhood (after three months)

Sweet little boy. Our precious Charlie. I could stare at you all the time and never get tired of memorizing every little detail about you.

Time is already going by too fast; you have changed so much in three short months. Every day that goes by, we are figuring out our new normal together. You are teaching me so much! Daddy and I are so happy that you are ours to love.  

We waited three and a half long years for you, and anxiously waited another 9 months for you to arrive in our arms. You are truly a miracle. We are so lucky that we were picked to be your parents.

For this child we have prayed, and the Lord has granted us what we asked of Him. 
1 Samuel 1:27 

I love brushing the hair off of your forehead, and drying your little body after a warm bath. I love your bright eyes, warm heart, and sweet smile. I adore your little wrist and ankle rolls. I love the way you clasp your hands when drinking milk. I love the way you smile when you see me or Daddy. I love thinking about the little boy that you will grow to be, although it simultaneously breaks my heart that you will not stay little forever. I love rocking you in the middle of the night when the rest of the world is quiet, and for just a moment it seems like time is standing still for us.

You make us laugh with your little coo's and toothless grins. Sometimes, when I look at you, I realize I've been smiling and didn't even know it.

Every day Daddy and I worry if we are doing this whole parenting thing right. I pray I can be the kind of mother you need, someone who you run to to share joys, heartaches, and everything in between.

You may never realize just how much you are loved. How much Daddy and I cherish you. You may never know how much you have changed me. You made me a mommy. You filled my aching heart with unimaginable joy.

You, my son, were worth the wait and we are so thankful you made us a family of three.

Every good and perfect gift is from above. 
James 1:17

Beautiful photographs taken when Charlie was 16 hours new by the talented Amber Hope Photography

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