A New Season

Happy April, friends!

There is something so hopeful, so fresh about the start of a new month and a new season. The start of the change from winter to spring feels like a breath of fresh air. On this first day of April, I am thankful for both the new season, and for the new opportunities it brings along with it.

Pausing to reflect back, I am so grateful for moments shared and memories made, both big and small. My goal for this new season is to create more white space in my daily schedule so I can enjoy these moments more fully. I see this including more walks with the pups, more cooking with my husband, more connecting with friends and family; less distraction, fewer time restraints.

Here are a few of my favorite March moments, all captured on my iphone:

Matthew and Rachel's beautiful wedding
...and dancing to awesome 90's music with friends :)

enjoying our local farmer's market

meeting sweet baby Haven 
still can't get over how tiny she is!

finding the perfect mirrored chest for the living room

having my toes in the atlantic ocean for the first time this year

taking my neice to the st. patrick's day parade
...and forgetting to wear green...oops!

first spring time walk with my pups 
I love his smile after a good walk!
taking our cousin on his first tour of UNC-Chapel Hill
...and reminiscing about our time as students :)

dinner and dessert with my oldest friends
...love Dewey's!

celebrating a wonderful friend before her upcoming move
...and feeling like we're on the Bachelor with our red roses ;)

 quality time with my BFF

learning  to rely on His strength when mine fails

throwing a very special baby shower with two dear friends

birthday celebrations
...including a live choir serenade!

special time with my mom and niece 

late night Cheesecake Factory date with my love 

Happy April 1st, friends. Let's make this a month to remember :)

keep in touch!

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  1. What a great way to embrace a new season! Spring is such a fitting time to reflect, refresh and renew! I too look forward to making more time with family and friends, as well as walks with my hubby and pup:) Love your idea of making more connections and less distractions!