Happy Birthday, Charlie!


One year full of so many firsts. The first time we brought you home, the first time you slept through the night. Your first smile, first laugh, first tooth, and first haircut (and second, and third...).

A year of smiling, laughing, crying, and staring at you in amazement. A year of peekaboo games, bedtime stories, goodnight kisses, and big bear hugs. A year of seeing the world in a new way through your eyes.

A year of grace, humility, and heaping amounts of love.

A year of daddy and I wondering what we did to deserve such a precious blessing. A year of wishing time would slow down just a little.

A year of praying we are doing things right.

 A year of watching you learn and grow. A year of joy. A year of you. Charlie, daddy and I love you more than words can say.

How on earth are you one, sweet little boy?

It was a full year ago that Jesus chose a crisp November night to send us the biggest blessing of our life: a precious little brown haired boy with itty bitty toes and his daddy's big brown eyes.

On the night we brought you home from the hospital, we were equal parts excited and nervous. No one slept a wink that night ;) Yet somehow, we blinked and a year flew by.

I look at you now: you're exploring, crawling, and learning new things. You love your family, your toy trucks, and meal time. You laugh at every dog you see. You love us to read you stories and sing to you. You are our delight.

What a year it has been! I have been overjoyed watching you grow and learn and play. Little by little, you are figuring out new pieces of who you are. I am excited for all that this next year will bring, I only wish it goes a little more slowly.

I am not sure that you will ever know just how much I love you. There are no words to stretch that far; no gift large enough to show you the enormous amount of love I carry in my heart for you.

Because there are no adequate words, the traditional ones will have to do. Happy Birthday, my sweet boy. I will always love you!

Beautiful photos by Ann Rothrock 
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