Organized Drop Zone

Hi, friends! Today I'm sharing one of the spaces in our home that gets the most use: our drop zone. Seriously, this area is "the little drop zone that could."  I created this space soon after we moved into our house as a spot where we could conveniently put things as we came in the door. It's where we drop mail, magazines, loose change, and everything in between. It also helps me keep track of what I need to be taking with me when I leave the house. On a typical day, we enter the house through the door from the garage, and the table is placed where we walk right past it everyday.  

 The framed prints are by Lindsay Letters, and include two of my most favorite hymns. I love everything about them! The mirrored table is from Overstock and has two drawers: one houses all of my husband's pocket things/loose change and the other other we use to organize receipts. I can't wait for the day when all receipts are emailed and I don't have to keep up with another paper receipt! ;)

The bowl was passed down to me from my Great Aunt, and usually houses odds and ends like chapstick, keys, and sunglasses. The white tray is from Home Goods and is where we drop mail and magazines.

In all fairness, table is NEVER this clean in real life! It truly serves as one of the most highly used spots in our house. It's a great place to drop items you take with you everyday and helps keep clutter off the kitchen counters (win-win!)

 Do you have a drop zone in your house? How do you like it? I would love to hear from you! :)

Wall Paint: Behr Ashes
Mirrored Table: Overstock
Lamp: Homegoods
White Tray: Homegoods
Vase: Passed down from my Great Aunt
Clock: antique store
Vase: Homegoods
Frames: Michaels
Prints: Lindsay Letters

keep in touch!

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