Dining Room Lighting Options

When we moved into our home three years ago, I immediately knew I wanted to replace the builder-grade light in the dining room. It works fine, it just isn't my cup of tea! ;) We spend a good amount of time around the dining room table and I'd love a fixture that better fits with the feel of the room. In addition to eating meals, this room also sees its fair share of late night law studies, fierce board game matches, craft projects, and is the center of lots of fun get togethers!

Here is the dining room in its current state:

Over the past few months, I've been on the hunt for a option that is both budget friendly and one that I am confident will stand the test of time. Since the light is in a prominent place, I definitely want to get it right! One thing I have noticed is that budget-friendly lighting is hard to find. I've narrowed down our choices and hope y’all might be able to shed some *light* on the situation! ;)

Here are a few inspiration photos I keep coming back to:

source: Pinterest

source: Dear Lillie

source: Pinterest 

Using these rooms as inspiration, I have narrowed down the list to a few options: 

Option A: Nataline Chandelier by Restoration Hardware

Option B: Mia Crystal Pendant by Pottery Barn

 Option C: Circlet Lantern by Shades of Light

 Option D: Je T'aime Chandelier by Shades of Light

Option E: French Empire Chandelier by Restoration Hardware

The favorite contender that I keep going back to is the Nataline Chandelier. I think it's classic and timeless yet I love the vintage inspired look. I also think it could fit in with different decor which is a plus! 

Any favorite lighting resources that you think I should check out? Would love to hear your thoughts!
keep in touch!

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